Instructional Design Blog Review

My name is Liz; I am currently a MSN student specializing in Nursing Education.  Part of the focus for my course this semester is on the use of Blogs in education and course design. This is my first time blogging!  I am excited to see how this forum will enhance my learning and how I can incorporate these ideas into a non-traditional educational role. 

The assignment this week was to create a blog and review other blogs that discuss instructional design. Below you will find my synopsis and thoughts on three different blogs. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

This blog seems to guide readers towards professional growth.  He presents ideas to convey messages concisely so that others comprehend. As it pertains to Instructional Design, he makes suggestions of steps to take to enter into this field.

The information found in this blog lays a good framework to branch out for further investigation on various topics.  Although it is basic knowledge, it does provide useful content that can be referenced in the future for my current class.

The focus of this blog is e-Learning. The author discusses topics found in current news and media. Most of the postings presented discuss ways to make the distant learner feel not so distant.

This blog is written by an Instructional designer who is current in the field. Therefore, the information presented is reliable and useful in present day applications.

This blog appears to focus on supporting the students of e-Learning and promoting their success. The author of this blog discusses current topics found within various media outlets.

Although content is applicable to my coursework, this blog is very technical. The author makes the assumption that all readers have previous knowledge on this subject matter. This will pose a challenge for my use in the immediate future because I am not yet well-versed on the subject.


2 thoughts on “Instructional Design Blog Review

  1. Hi,
    I checked out the blogs myself. I thought it gave good content on models of instructional design. He gave resources to check out on the subject and information on other blogs to use as a resource. I think this blog would be good to find out where to find creditable information, which is very valuable. It would save time in searching for information and researching.
    In the second blog, o thought it was interesting that the author was discussing the negatives and positives of e learning. At first, I thought he was against it because of the lack of interaction but as I read I realize he wanted to find solutions that help improve interactions in online learning. Lack of interaction in online learning has been the biggest complaint. He even shared a video that demonstrates how human interaction could be possible.
    In the blog, I thought it was interesting of the list of the different paradigms of 20014. He has made some good points that these paradigms of e learning that eLearning help us think but at the same time put limits on how we think. As I look at the list, I think they bring positive into online learning such as learning organizer that provides structure for learning opportunities, learning delivery augmeneter that helps deliver content and cost saver that gives students opportunities to learn at a lower cost.

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